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Payment & Insurance Information

We will bill your visit to your insurance plan if you provide an updated insurance card at each visit. Please note that the insurance coverage is between you and your insurance carrier; we are happy to file the claim for you, but the balance is your responsibility to pay if your plan does not pay after 30 days.

Amounts not covered by your carrier are due immediately after you receive your first statement from us. Please contact your plan prior to calling our office after you receive a bill. We will bill your secondary insurance also. Please always update your demographic information with us.

Prior to the initial office visit, a $100 deposit will be collected. If there is an overpayment, it will be promptly refunded. Self pay patients automatically qualify for special consideration and our financial assistance program. Please request to speak with the Financial Coordinator in our office for more details.

We do not do third party billing; the patient (or parent in the case of a minor child) is responsible for the fees/copays, etc.

We do accept Medicare assignment, and will bill your secondary insurance also as a courtesy. You will be asked to sign an Advanced Beneficiary Notice for services that Medicare may not cover which would be your responsibility to pay.

As a routine practice, we must collect known patient financial obligations prior to deliver of services. This includes insurance plan requirement deductibles, co-payments, and co-insurance amounts.

When you arrive, you must have the necessary referral information required by your insurance company. If you do not have the appropriate information, your options may include: rescheduling the appointment, paying for the complete visit “out of pocket”, contacting the primary care physician’s office for the required referral.

Patients should know the requirements of their individual current plans. Our highly trained billing staff will assist to help you understand these benefits. You should always know what your plan intends to pay for services, and what you will be responsible for. Your plan may change annually based on your employer’s contract with that plan. It is also helpful if you bring a current, required drug formulary from your plan to your visit.


If your account balance is not satisfied after receiving mailed statements, the account may be sent to a third party collection agency or an attorney for further action.

We accept cash, check, money order and credit cards (Visa and Master Card and American Express).

We charge a processing fee for NSF checks presented to us.

Feel free to discuss our billing policies with our staff at any time. To speak with a Billing Specialist, please call Paul Kiritsis, MD Phone Number804-939-6651 and ask for the Financial Coordinator. Thank you.

West End Orthopaedic Clinic is currently accepting the following insurance plans. For questions regarding accepted insurance plans listed, please ask to speak to the Financial Coordinator when scheduling your appointment.


For benefit questions, please call the member services number located on the back of your insurance card.

Our clinic offers a one-stop approach to orthopedic care that includes the latest techniques and treatments, state-of-the-art diagnostic services, timely appointments, and a variety of insurance options. Schedule an appointment today!

Paul Kiritsis, MD

Dr. Kiritsis, a Richmond native, is one of a select number of Orthopedic Surgeons in the Richmond area to hold a second subspecialty board certification in Sports Medicine.

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