Discover Dr. Kiritsis' Precision Shoulder Case Library

Discover Dr. Kiritsis' Precision Shoulder Case Library

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The Precision Shoulder: A Revolution in Shoulder Care

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Welcome to a new era in shoulder surgery, where expertise meets innovation to redefine what’s possible. Introducing The Precision Shoulder by Paul Kiritsis, MD – a dedicated approach to shoulder care, aiming to enhance your quality of life and address shoulder pain and limitations with expert precision.

The Three Key Components of The Precision Shoulder

Patent Pending Technique for Repairing the Subscapularis

• Designed by Dr. Kiritsis
• Proprietary method for subscapularis repair
• Next generation surgical technique
• A more reliable and durable repair

A Personalized Treatment Plan

• Utilizes advanced 3D surgical planning software
• Restores native anatomy and optimizes recovery
• Enables precise implant sizing and placement
• Innovative pain relief methods

Expertise in Complex Shoulder Reconstruction

• High volume shoulder surgeon
• Maximizes outcomes by utilizing experience treating elite athletes
• Designer of multiple shoulder implants
• Designated a preferred shoulder surgeon by insurance carriers
• Holds multiple patents for implantable orthopedic devices

Unparalleled Expertise in Shoulder Replacement

Paul Kiritsis, MD a name synonymous with excellence in shoulder surgery, leads the way in anatomic and reverse shoulder replacement. With years of dedicated practice, research, and a track record of successful outcomes, Dr. Kiritsis stands at the forefront of this specialized field. His approach is not just about surgery; it’s about transforming lives.

Designated a Preferred Shoulder Surgeon by Insurance Carriers

Dr. Kiritsis’s high-volume, efficient approach in shoulder surgery has earned him recognition as a preferred surgeon by several insurance carriers.

Research supports that surgeons with higher case volumes see lower complication rates and improved patient outcomes. Dr. Kiritsis’s consistent delivery of high-quality care, combined with his dedication to patient safety, underlines his status as a trusted and reliable choice in the field.

This prestigious designation reflects not just professional excellence but also a deep commitment to patient-focused care, ensuring effective and successful surgical experiences for his patients.

Sports Medicine Expertise: Guiding Patients to Optimal Recovery and Performance

Dr. Kiritsis combines his surgical expertise with a strong background in sports medicine, holding board certification and extensive experience with Division I and professional athletes.

This unique perspective is invaluable in guiding shoulder replacement patients through a comprehensive recovery process, tailored to their activity levels and goals.

His work with athletes has honed his skills in managing the shoulder’s dynamic needs under stress, informing his approach to rehabilitation that encompasses not just surgical recovery but also strength, flexibility, and return to peak performance.

This blend of surgical and sports medicine expertise ensures that each patient receives personalized care designed to help them not just recover but thrive.

Innovator in Shoulder Implant Design: Enhancing Surgical Outcomes

Dr. Kiritsis is a key innovator in shoulder implant design, contributing significantly to advancements in both fracture repair and joint replacements.

His deep understanding of shoulder anatomy and mechanics is evident in his design work, reflecting his commitment to improving surgical methods and outcomes. With several patents to his name, Dr. Kiritsis is a driving force in developing new, effective products for shoulder surgery.

His efforts are focused on enhancing patient outcomes, offering improved results, and shorter recovery times. Patients benefit directly from his expertise, as he brings firsthand knowledge of the complexities of shoulder repair to the development of advanced surgical tools and implants.

Dr. Kiritsis’s innovations significantly elevate the quality and effectiveness of shoulder surgeries, aligning patient care with the forefront of medical advancements.

Anatomic Total Shoulder

Reverse Total Shoulder

The Precision Shoulder Promise

Personalized Care:

Every shoulder is unique. Your journey with us is personalized, from the initial consultation to the tailored post-operative plan.

Advanced Techniques:

Leveraging the latest in surgical technology and methods, Dr. Kiritsis ensures a level of precision that sets new standards in shoulder replacement. Implants are chosen to recreate your personal anatomy based on preoperative CT scans and interactive surgical planning software. These tools allow us to recreate the center of rotation in each patient’s shoulder and provide appropriate rotator cuff tensioning which can lead to optimal range of motion and strength.

Innovative Anesthesia for Enhanced Comfort:

To further enhance the recovery process, we incorporate EXPAREL, a state-of-the-art, non-opioid anesthesia. This advanced pain management technique provides prolonged pain relief for up to 72 hours after surgery, reducing the need for opioid medications and contributing to a more comfortable recovery experience. 

Enhanced Recovery Experience:

Our approach is designed to facilitate a smoother and faster recovery. By focusing on meticulous surgical techniques and personalized care plans, we aim to minimize discomfort and expedite your journey back to normalcy.

A Commitment to Safety:

Patient safety is our top priority. Dr. Kiritsis’ extensive experience and the use of advanced surgical practices are aligned with the goal of reducing the risk of complications, striving for a safer surgical experience.

Better Long-Term Outcomes:

The Precision Shoulder is not just about the immediate aftermath of surgery; it’s about your future. Our commitment to using state-of-the-art techniques and personalized treatment plans is geared towards enhancing the longevity and effectiveness of your shoulder surgery.

Comprehensive Support:

Our team is with you every step of the way, providing holistic support that encompasses both physical and emotional recovery.

Educational Empowerment:

We believe in empowering our patients with knowledge. Understanding your procedure and recovery process is key to a successful outcome.


The ultimate goal is your return to a pain-free, active lifestyle. We measure our success by your ability to embrace life fully.

Precision Shoulder X-Rays

Begin Your Journey to Recovery

Embark on your path to recovery with The Precision Shoulder by Dr. Paul Kiritsis. It’s more than a procedure; it’s the possibility of a renewed life, a return to the activities you love, and the possibility to embrace each day without shoulder pain.

Experience the difference of dedicated, expert care – where your journey back to health is guided by one of America’s leading shoulder surgeons.

Rediscover the joy of movement. Embrace life with The Precision Shoulder.
Our clinic offers a one-stop approach to orthopedic care that includes the latest techniques and treatments, state-of-the-art diagnostic services, timely appointments, and a variety of insurance options. Schedule an appointment today!

Paul Kiritsis, MD

Dr. Kiritsis, a Richmond native, is one of a select number of Orthopedic Surgeons in the Richmond area to hold a second subspecialty board certification in Sports Medicine.

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