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Precision Shoulder Replacement

Precision shoulder replacement, created by Dr. Paul Kiritsis, the prominent Richmond orthopedic doctor, focuses on personalized care and advanced techniques. He is dedicated to diligently serving his patients, aiming for a swift recovery and helping them return to daily activities without pain and improved mobility, empowering them with the latest advancements in orthopedic care.

Precision Shoulder Replacement

Precision Shoulder replacement is a revolution in shoulder care.
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Paul Kiritsis, MD

Richmond, Virginia, is a city many call home, including Dr. Kiritsis. He is a board-certified knee and shoulder specialist, among a select number of Orthopedic Surgeons in the Richmond area, and holds a second subspecialty board certification in Sports Medicine. With his expertise and dedication to his patients he has held the position as head team physician of the University of Richmond as well as the Richmond Kickers. His expertise has given him the opportunity to teach numerous courses and instructional labs to other orthopedic surgeons across the U.S. Additionally, he hosts surgeons from around the world, sharing his knowledge and techniques.

Research supports that surgeons with higher case volumes see lower complication rates and improved patient outcomes. Dr. Kiritsis’s consistent delivery of high-quality care, combined with his dedication to patient safety, underlines his status as a trusted and reliable choice in the field.

This prestigious designation reflects not just professional excellence but also a deep commitment to patient-focused care, ensuring effective and successful surgical experiences for his patients.

The Three Key Components of The Precision Shoulder

Patent Pending Technique for Repairing the Subscapularis

The precision shoulder replacement technique designed by Dr. Kiritsis features a proprietary method for subscapularis repair, utilizing a next-generation surgical approach that provides a more reliable and durable repair for his patients.

Dr. Kiritsis' Personalized Treatment Plan

Driven by a personalized treatment plan, Dr. Paul Kiritsis’ precision shoulder replacement technique utilizes advanced 3D surgical planning software to restore native anatomy and optimize recovery, enabling precise implant sizing and placement, complemented by innovative pain relief methods for his patients.

Expertise in Complex Shoulder Reconstruction

As an expert in complex shoulder reconstruction, Dr. Paul Kiritsis is a high-volume shoulder surgeon who maximizes outcomes by utilizing his extensive experience treating elite athletes. Designated a preferred shoulder surgeon by insurance carriers, he is the designer of multiple shoulder implants and holds multiple patents for innovative implantable orthopedic devices.

A Revolution in Shoulder Care

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