Dr. Paul Kiritsis Performs the First Shoulder Replacement Surgery Using Pyrocarbon in Virginia

Dr. Paul Kiritsis, a renowned orthopedic surgeon in Virginia, has successfully performed the state’s first shoulder replacement surgery utilizing an advanced bearing material known as Pyrocarbon. This marks a significant milestone in shoulder replacement surgery, offering a new enhancement to Dr. Kiritsis’ Precision Shoulder Program.

Pyrocarbon, a material with surface properties remarkably similar to bone, stands at the forefront of orthopedic innovation. Unlike traditional metallic bearing surfaces used in joint replacement surgeries, Pyrocarbon offers a promising alternative that mimics the natural articulation of bone, potentially leading to improved outcomes and longevity of joint replacements.

Dr. Kiritsis’s pioneering use of Pyrocarbon in shoulder replacement surgery is a testament to his commitment to embracing cutting-edge medical technologies to further improve patient care. 

With its bone-like properties, Pyrocarbon is expected to reduce wear and tear on adjacent bones and tissues, a common issue with metallic implants, thereby enhancing patient recovery and implant durability.

The successful surgery by Dr. Kiritsis opens up a new chapter in the treatment of shoulder conditions, offering patient who are suffering from shoulder pain an additional surgical option that could improve their quality of life significantly. 

Dr. Paul Kiritsis Performs the First Shoulder Replacement Surgery Using Pyrocarbon in Virginia

Patients suffering from conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other degenerative joint diseases of the shoulder could particularly benefit from Precision Shoulder Replacement. For the right candidates, the use of Pyrocarbon shoulder implants may be a great solution.

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Paul Kiritsis, MD

Dr. Kiritsis, a Richmond native, is one of a select number of Orthopedic Surgeons in the Richmond area to hold a second subspecialty board certification in Sports Medicine.

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